of web development, and things that matter

Hi, I’m Firdaus, a full stack developer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I specialize in writing fast and scalable web applications, where I am mostly involved in the backend side of things with PHP. I’ve been working mostly with WordPress for my whole professional career with a heavy focus on Laravel for the past few years. I am also well-versed in frontend related development as well as database design and server administration.

Here, I mostly share my thoughts on web development in general, interesting stuff that I come across, and things that I learned along the way.

You can find all my open source projects on Github.

What I’m currently working on

I’m in the middle of developing two developer-focused WordPress plugins that I aim to release by the end of 2020. It’ll revolve around the email in general where the core functionality itself is something that I’ve been implementing for all my clients’ sites all these while.

I’m also trying to learn Docker at the moment, just so that I can replace the Vagrant-based local dev environment that I’ve been using for the past few years.