This is my first time doing this so I would like to keep it short. I believe 2020 has been a very hard year so far for everybody, with the pandemic is still going on, so let’s focus on recovery for 2021.

Let’s see what I did achieve so far this year:

  • Launched Danago - it’s a specific work-specific project, but I’m pretty proud of it, considering the idea behind its inception and its mission for crowdfunding in Malaysia.
  • Growing professionally - This one is a bit generic to describe, but I started taking more responsibility for the client-side of things.
  • Restarted this blog - Although I haven’t been writing consistently, I did manage to dish out 12 posts (including this one).
  • Started weight loss journey - Well, I did this one pretty late into 2020, so hoping to continue for 2021.

I love to use this opportunity to outline what I hope to achieve by the end of next year, so I’ll just put this in the open. That way, when I do another recap at the end of next year, I’ll have something as a reference.

For 2021, I hope I can:

  • Finally learn Docker for real
  • Set up a proper workflow, code standard, and documentation for work
  • Release the two WordPress plugins that I’m currently writing
  • Release one Laravel related package
  • At least to have 50% progress of the web application that I’m planning to build (maybe to have a private beta?)
  • Publish at least one blog post per month
  • Achieve my ideal weight

I am cautiously optimistic for 2021 but let’s hope we all have a great year.