2021 has been a great year personally for me, though I thought we can recover from the pandemic for this year, it seems like the pandemic is still a global issue, albeit more manageable at this point.

First, let’s review my plan for 2021.

  • Finally learn Docker for real - docker-lemp is the result.
  • Set up a proper workflow, code standard, and documentation for work. - didn’t make it this far, and I already left OSKY.
  • Release the two WordPress plugins that I’m currently writing. - Manage to release four plugins instead, so I’ll consider this a great success.
  • Release one Laravel related package. - The package that I want to write is almost similar to spatie/laravel-prefixed-ids so I decided not to pursue it.
  • At least to have 50% progress of the web application that I’m planning to build (maybe to have a private beta?) - Also not pursuing, decided to focus on job hunting this year.
  • Publish at least one blog post per month - I’ve backdated some of the posts, but generally, this is done.
  • Achieve my ideal weight - Not even close, lol

I want to have simpler, achievable goals for next year. So here are my plans:

  • Continue publishing one blog post per month.
  • Get back on track with my weight loss journey.
  • Have a consistent 30-minutes per day progress working on the side project.

Let’s pray for a productive 2022!