2022 has been a year of change. A change in work environment, new colleagues, lots of growth and things to learn. It wasn’t easy to leave your comfort zone, but I can gladly say that I survived my first year at Human Made.

Looking back, I learned a ton especially on the technical front. There are several things that I was planning to do before that I didn’t manage to do it as seriously as I am at Human Made, so I am really glad that I made the switch. Code review, unit testing, serious WordPress block editor development know-how are among the things that I’ll say where the most growth it for the past twelve months.

Enough said that I didn’t manage to complete the targets that I’ve set for the previous year, so I’m planning to take it easier with 2023. Here are my goals:

  • Continue publishing one blog post per month.
  • Become more knowledgeable in modern JavaScript, that includes ES6 and beyond, Typescript, React etc.
  • Set up a LinkedIn account (?).