2023 has been a year of stability for me. I survived my second year at Human Made, which should amount to something. Work-wise, I’ve been more comfortable in my role, the still-new environment and feel extremely lucky to still be here despite some up and down in the company.

For the rest of the year, I’ve been trying to upskill myself whenever I have time. Looking back at the goals I’ve set for myself in the last year recap,

  • Continue publishing one blog post per month - Not quite there as there isn’t much to share.
  • Become more knowledgeable in modern JavaScript, that includes ES6 and beyond, Typescript, React etc. – Still ongoing, I’ve picked up the javascript.info e-book and re-learning the basic in depth.
  • Set up a LinkedIn account. - Done and done.

Some other habits that I’m still sticking through and/or trying to build this year:

  • Still keeping my streaks on Duolingo, which is now 1183-days streak and using only 8 streak freeze a year.
  • Picking up reading more consistently now, though I’ve only finished two books this year.
  • I’m halfway through my main side project, I’ve got the core tech finished, so planning to complete it by next year.

Keeping things shorts, my goal for 2024 is:

  • Going live with the said side project.
  • Finished up at least three more books.
  • Hopefully level up my JS skill.