It feels just like yesterday that I wrote the Eight Years post. Now, after working for more than nine years at the same company since I graduated, today marks my final day at OSKY.

It feels bittersweet at the end, and I’ll be lying if I say I won’t miss OSKY.

OSKY has been more than just a workplace for me for the past nine years. I’ve grown into who I am today with the help of everyone there and I wouldn’t be here without their support along the way. I’ve read a lot of stories about resignation, and I worried a lot about my superior will react to the news. All I can say, their response is the best that I can hope for (up to the point I’m doubting my decision of leaving, a little bit).

It’s a difficult choice, for sure, but I’m leaving to go somewhere where I can grow more, and the prospect of working alongside people who I consider as my heroes and whom I look up to, I’m feeling very excited as well.

I’ll update more on that, in a couple of months, hopefully.