I’ve only discovered recently that mpv supports custom scripts, so naturally, I scoured over Github to find and implement some of the interesting scripts that other users have shared. Here’s some that I’ve used and tested:

  • Blur edges - Fill in the black bars with the blurred version of the currently playing video.
  • Pause indicator - Show a pause indicator when you pause the video.
  • Scroll list - There’s a custom script in the examples folder that implements a chapter list with your preferred keybind, very useful.
  • Filenavigator - Allow you to browse your local file directly from mpv.
  • Show filename - Briefly shows the currently playing video’s filename when you press Shift + Enter.
  • Show time - Briefly shows the current system time when you press Ctrl + t.

I’ll update the list if I’ve found some other interesting scripts that I can try. Feel free to share yours too!