I’ve just recently released a new WordPress plugin called FS Email Tools. It’s a plugin that is tailored towards developers that can assist in debugging any email issues on your WordPress site. Three core features that it has, at the time of writing are:

  • Automatic rerouting of all outgoing emails - This is particularly useful if you have a separate staging site that contains real user data but you don’t want the outgoing emails to go to the intended recipient.
  • Database logging for outgoing emails - If you still want to send the email to the intended recipient, but still want to see how it would look like, this feature can be enabled instead. It allows you to inspect all outgoing emails that are stored in the database at a later time.
  • Automatic emails BCC - When this is enabled, all of your site’s outgoing emails will be automatically appended with your selected recipients in the BCC list.

I originally used WP Reroute Email in my WordPress development workflow but there are some features that I feel lacking so I decided to come up with my own.

Check out the plugin on the WordPress plugin repository.