I have had Raycast ever since I got this Macbook for work, but I have solely been using it as an application launcher. Recently, I saw a tweet from their official Twitter account about 24 tips for using Raycast and apparently there is a lot more it can do!

Here are some of them that I have incorporated into my workflow now and that replace several dedicated applications that I installed.

Window Management

As noted in this tweet, Raycast comes with its own window management functionality, so I ditched Rectangle in favor of handling it with Raycast itself. I set the identical keyboard shortcuts that Rectangle has for some common commands that I used.

You can even set gaps in Extensions > Window Management like Rectangle does. Although it doesn’t come with snap to grip functionality, it’s been good so far.

Upcoming Events in Menu Bar

I previously used How Long Left to quickly scan what I have for the day. But again, Raycast can already do this. I have to set “Show Events in Menu Bar” to “Always” to replicate How Long Left, otherwise, I do not miss anything.

Emoji Picker

macOS already has a built-in emoji picker that can be triggered by Control + Command + Space but it’s nothing to shout about. The Raycast emoji picker is more beautiful to my taste.

Floating Notes

You can toggle floating notes in Raycast, it’s pretty handy to write something that you will later on.


Configure the quicklinks to add various “Open with” functionality to your workflow. I’ve been using it to add shortcuts to open my mostly used directories in Finder.

Clipboard History

We are entering the extensions territory here, but I found the official clipboard history is good enough for my usage that it replaced Maccy.

I have not explored the rest of the extensions much and its official store, but I am sure there will be a lot more that I will add to my Raycast workflow.